Well, we have been out of action since March and, to be honest, I no longer have the drive and energy to start up again. I have been running the ‘folk club’ for over 20 years and it’s time for someone younger.  Thanks to everyone for your support. We have had fabulous music, wonderful audiences and great venues (well, at least at Centre Stage and the Shelley Theatre). I have had a great time and so have most of my family.

You will be hearing shortly from Jo Elkington who will be running Bournemouth Folk Club in 2021. Please make sure you support Jo and her team. Running a folk club is enjoyable but it can be hard at times. Folk music rules, ok!

Jo Elkington and Leo MacKenzie have taken over the folk club from Paul Burke and are working to restart gigs when it is safe to do so. We intend, where possible, to continue with the programme that Paul has booked for 2021, and to reschedule artists whose shows have already had to be cancelled for future dates.

Back when we started the handover process we were in Tier 2, socially distanced gigs were possible and had indeed been happening, and things were looking pretty hopeful that we might be able to restart the folk club concerts this spring, albeit likely with social distancing. At the time we had no idea whether the Shelley Theatre had any plans to reopen in 2021. After much searching we have found an alternative venue for while theatre remains closed, and which can operate with social distancing – St Ambrose church in Westbourne. At the turn of this year we were optimistic that we might be able to run the April and May shows socially distanced, with India Electric Co. and Daphne’s Flight, but now we are in Lockdown 3 this is looking uncertain.

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